A Chronicle of the Dragon Guard

2011 Oct Event

Dougan's Version

Friday night:

  • Arracor tells us about farmers in trouble.
  • Thorn Emissary and Third Claw tell us about Dragons… in VERY different ways.
  • Black Wind tells us about Lotus Empire and sets up a meeting with the Firefly House.
  • The Silent Scream running town fight.


  • Pirate ship scuttling. Our locksmiths are defeated by warded master locks. Very sad (Hotori (Nate Stilgoe) and Dougan shared many amused looks). Eventually our casters are running low and fighters are tired.
  • Farmer shows up asking for help. We rush through it because we’re expecting Riggs to come back any second. We almost forget to wait for the boss brigand to show up so we can kill the leader. Almost. ;)
  • Riggs takes us to an Oblivion forge to Enchant Dougan’s bracelet. Brandel works for 5 minutes while the rest of us hold off the undead. A few close calls, but we had a solid team.
  • Nightmares spew from the corrupted Mirrorway.
  • Riggs drops off the item tag, then starts pitching us to join the Iron Shield. His second shows up and takes over making the pitch at us. Lots of good world information here.

Saturday Night

  • We head off to the Firefly meeting. It turns out to be a quiet, private meeting, instead of the large function we were expecting. Hana’s gift of many paper cranes works wonders, and we earn the chance to get the ingredients for the cure.
  • Shadow Marquis tells us about a Nightmare creation coming later on. Meet Six (of Spades?) who it put into the custody of certain townsfolk.
  • Wombat comes by with a mission. We form “Team Hafted” in protest of the Marquis enchanting swords only. End up fighting goblins to retrieve crystals that give us a vision. Vision shows us Straw Haired crone stealing the spirits of a child into a music box.
  • Trip to the Firefly grove. Dueling in the dark for access to the ingredients. Also some more talking with our new Firefly ally.
  • Excavating Mineral Essence for a ritual scroll creation. Interesting module designed specifically for casters. Fast and fun.
  • Strike against Vampire’s Unicorn Pool. Dragon Guard gets first run, and do pretty well, despite severe dark and weird terrain.


  • We left early, but we were invited to the rite of Awakening(?).
  • We heard that Thicket got the curative crane.



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