A Chronicle of the Dragon Guard

Revel Feb 2012

Main Plot Summary

We went to Rokus’ place (Dave Inkpen) in the Silver Kingdom, near the border with the Iron Kingdom. Apparently things have been going on (attacks, villagers disappearing) to increase tension to the brink of open war (again). After a little talking, investigation, and conflict, things looked very suspicious that it was actually a third party manipulating them into open war. The cleared out villages were under siege by spider-like humanoids, who were actually people poisoned with an underground mushroom, and powered by a divine being.

It becomes evident that the third party is the underground Shadow Elves of the area. They got an item to allow them to walk above ground when the sun is up. The item was connected to some golems we had to destroy. Some of us met with a Deep Dwarf, to learn the Great Oath that the Shadow Elves and Deep Dwarves use in their deals. Our final attack, we destroy the last golem, capture the Priestess in charge, and use the Oath to get honest answers and cease hostilities.

Turns out she was acting alone, against orders from her house. She wanted to take over Rokus’ keep, the Cursehold, because the Lord of that keep can parlay with the Cursed Forest adjacent to it. Several years ago, the Queen of the Shadow Elves was killed, and her 3 Champions were imprisoned in the Cursed Forest. The Champions have the ability to name a successor, or rule in the Queen’s stead. So, the Priestess began putting prisoners through the trials of their goddess, including taking a mushroom, to make foot soldiers, and cause havoc between the two Kingdoms. Unfortunately, her plan would not have worked, since it takes something else to become the Lord of Cursehold and parlay with the Cursed Forest. So, Rokus offers to take care of the Champions for her.

We head into the Cursed Forest, fight a lot of undead, and go through several trials (mostly combat) of the various Cursed Lords present. When we finally pass all the trials, the Champions are freed, and game ends.

Side Plots

  • A bard (Ted Marston) comes out talking about an instruction manual of how to be a great bard. The pages have been scattered around a library that’s been burned down, and is now haunted. We get 3 runs, and 3 coded pages. Hana and BunBun crack the code, and decode the pages. There may be more in the future.
  • There was a Gnome crafter who makes powerful items for hire. A Stone Satyr (one of the Cursed Lords of the forest) had a hammer made, called the Gorgon’s Eye. It would mostly Paralyze by Stone (awkward, so we figured he meant Earth and ran with it). There was also a pillar that backed the power of the hammer somehow, and once the 2 boxes and tavern puzzles were opened/solved, all the Fey on the field were Inflicted/killed (fortunately no PC Fey were on the field).
  • In searching for the Straw Haired Spirit Thief, Dougan spread the word around a few of the Iron Kingdom nobles. According to one, it is not unheard of, as that Kingdom is very strong in spirit magics. Thicket (the Thorn Dragon Emissary) had tracked down one location where the Straw Hair had been seen a few times. Turns out it was the Gnome’s workshop/store. We found a list of 4 things he had worked on. Sadly, we did not know this was going to be a box trap module, and didn’t have proper rogue material to deal with it.
  • Thicket was around twice for quite a while this event. She’s drawing quite a following, and has lots of people wanting to talk to her. Hana got to speak with her some. Apparently there are only 3 True Dragons in the world, and they’re the ones interested in us. The Shadow Dragon has nothing to do with the Shadow Elves by Cursehold, and has recently moved underneath the Shattered City. Shadow Dragon is about mysteries and secrets, and long term machinations. We still haven’t gotten a sales pitch from Shadow yet.
  • There is a demon called Harbinger that has attacked the town a few times, and given people the Harbinger trait. The more he attunes to this world, the more he can show up, then summon his Master, the Smoldering One, and begin to destroy the world. There is a Ferryman who is actually a traveler from another world, which is under attack by Harbinger. The Ferryman gives us the power to summon and discipline the demon so we can have a conversation and get what information we can out of him. This went about as well as can be expected, and the 5 people performing the ritual are now marked as Black Flame Adversary (including Dougan). So expect a Guxx-wannabe (Cranley) knocking at the door.
  • The local Silver Kingdom Duke shared a map of the known world with everyone, and answered what questions he could about the multitude of locations. What he couldn’t, he dispatched messengers or heralds to that location to retrieve information. After game was over, I took pictures of the map that I’ll share soon.
  • To the Northwest of the Iron Kingdom is the Necropolis, filled with non-Oblivion Undead. Pretty sure this is where you guys got Arracor. We met with the Count of the Midnight Moor of the Iron Kingdom who is tasked against the Necropolis. He offered some Necromancer training and undead killing work to Dougan.



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