Lotus Empire

One of the realms surrounding the Shattered City.
Ruled by an Emperor.
There is a Second Emperor called the Black Lotus. Some sort of undead, possibly a Liche.
There are 6 houses, all named after insects:

  • Dragonfly – Aligned with Earth Dragon, former house of Black Wind
  • Firefly – Alchemists and Kami worshipers
  • Centipede -
  • Tiger Beetle – Warlike
  • Wasp – Warlike
  • Mantis – Warlike

Warriors are called Samurai, fighting with 2 swords (daisho).
Samurai can become dishonored and are called Ronin.
Assassins are called Ninja. Can vanish into smoke, and often use poisons.

  • Black Wind told us that once an Emperor always an Emperor, so there are Lords and Samurai that are chosen to serve in the Court of the Black Lotus. There is also a steady stream of people forced into the Court of the Black Lotus who eventually are corrupted over time.
  • The Earth Dragon has substantial sway in the Court of the Black Lotus.
  • The Earth Dragon sent Ninja to attack Thicket, the Emissary of the Thorn Dragon that came to meet with us. One got through and poisoned her with a slow death poison that would kill her over months. It was made of the spittle of the Earth Dragon, so no normal cure would work.

Lotus Empire

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