Welcome to the online home of the Dragon Guard.

The purpose of this site is to use it as a knowledge base, to track the information that we pick up in game. This format was chosen because it will be easier to manage a “living document” here rather than just in a word file.

If you make any edits, please input new data with your initials. Do not delete old information. If the new information conflicts with anything that is already posted site your source, or note if it is wild speculation.

Adventure Log pages are for raw notes from events, namely PEL’s.

Wiki pages are for notes from events filtered by topic.

Characters pages are for information on PC’s and NPC’s. Use the Tags to differentiate between the two.

This is information about the Mirror Mirror LARP that is an Accelerant Game, which is completely owned by Robert Ciccolini. This is a personal account of in-game experiences, and does not reflect the LARP business or it’s procedures in any way.

A Chronicle of the Dragon Guard

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