A Chronicle of the Dragon Guard

2011 Sept Event

Finding Arracor

I am going to try and get this as close to the order in which things actually happened, but it is possible that I’ll rearrange the order.

Friday Night

Friday night/ Saturday morning (around midnight-ish) while we were hanging out in the tavern talking with Vastin and Ehawk and the recently arrived Archer, a ninja walks in and clearly wants our attention. After we go outside and fight with his ninja minions, once we have fought long enough we sit down for a chat. He says that his name is The Black Wind, he is currently a Ninja but he used to be a Samurai. When his Lord took up with the Earth Dragon, he decided that he could no longer serve this Lord, so he lost his honor and went off and became a ninja. He says that he has sensed another from the same world as us and that he is trapped in the Necropolis and he will come back Saturday night and help us come up with a way to get in there and give the opportunity for a rescue.

The Black Wind also gave us a quick explanation and/ or description of his homeland. It is called the Lotus Empire and it sounds very different from both where we are from and where we are living currently.


Some time after breakfast I noticed Wombat and his sister heading over the village where Wyvernee and Rokus live. When I got over there I found out that the dwarven siblings had drawn up a design for making a hammer out of the Mithril we had smelted at the last event. We are also told that the siblings can design/ forge “cool stuff” as long as we give them an idea of what we are looking for in an item. I plan on getting together with Wyvernee to make a list of what we want to build.

On the way back from this mission I mentioned to Rokus that I was a Master Enchanter and told him that if he ever needed any enchanting work done let me know and we could work something out. Hearing that he said, ‘Hey Wyv a master enchanter that isn’t Phoenix.’ She asked me about the possibility of enchanting some stuff for her in her grove, I told her I had a couple of ideas but would need to do a little bit of research.

Part of my research involved having a chat with Riggs, the leader of the Iron Shield, about being able to enchant some stuff for Wyvernee out in her grove. I explained that my plan was to enchant the poles of the pavilion as healing items that were attuned to a few different people. The effect would be, whomever the pole was attuned to would hold onto the pole and use the healing on themselves or someone else within reach. I was told that it sounded like a completely viable plan. With this information I later found Rokus and told him that I would be able to do the enchanting and that they would need to provide the components and that I would leave it to their generosity for my compensation.

The other piece of enchanting research also came about through a conversation with Riggs. I had mentioned to him that I had had a conversation with someone about the possibility of enchanting a weapon with a spell storing and then putting Slam spell into that as the end result. He told me that there is a group of the Oblivion that has a forge with an Air Elemental “attached" to it and it should be possible for me to Enchant a weapon with a “Slam” effect. All I need is two uninterrupted minutes to do my thing and then I have to name it. I have done this with Garth’s signature polearm; the enchantment is good for a year. Not certain if we can make this run again, but I can check with Riggs and see if there are any other places we can go that are similar to this and put other effects on weapons. There was no attribute or component cost to this crafting.

Next is the information we received on vampires:

  • Friday night I think there was a fight with a big Vampire, I don’t recall his name.
  • There is apparently a member of town, named Evangeline, who is a Vampire. According to rumor, she did something that got the Big Bad Vampire to acknowledge her “claim” to the town.
  • We also learned that there is a Vampire Court of Appeals that the Big Bad Vampire went to, to make his case for making claim to the town.
  • We also had an encounter with a bunch vampires that were lounging around in the sun.

Then there were Pirates:

  • There were pirates that came into town looking for Khali.
  • There was some kind of hokey pokey that needed to be done to fight the Boss Lady Pirate, not sure exactly what it was but she was killed and the Pirates left.

Oh yeah and then there were our favorite playmates:

The Emerald Claw:

  • “Mercenary” hunters
  • The first encounter with the citizens of town, was on a world (name unknown), where they were hunting the last baby/ young Unicorn on that world. We were taken through a Mirror Way by a Unicorn Guardian (JJ). Apparently the plan was, ‘We will save the baby Unicorn by ‘bottling’ its spirit into a sword that is owned by Austin.’ I believe that the Unicorn Guardian that this would allow the Unicorn to flee into the sword if it was in danger.
  • They have the skill and or ability to go to a place and claim it as their “Hunting Ground”. I believe I heard that when you cut them down and they died, they could/ would come back stronger.
  • Approximately one hour after we returned from the first mission and several people had broken up into smaller module groups and gone off on missions, the Emerald Claw swept into town. They had somehow managed to use the Mirror Way to get to our world and then managed to claim our town as their “Hunting Ground.”
  • When they cut us down, they were searching us a taking “Trophies.” This includes the leaders’ ability to somehow sunder the connection between a Signature Item and its owner. It happened to me, but it is all fixed now. If you can get through the rest of the event without losing the Signature Item the connection is restored.
  • As they were leaving town the leader mentioned something about another “hunting” or mercenary group, which might show up now, since we were able to drive off the Emerald Claw. I don’t actually remember the name of the new group.

Of Mind Flayers and their flying machines…

  • They travel around in their “Air Ships”
  • When they get to where ever they are going they throw and anchor overboard. In the case of the attack on the town this anchor was in the form of a Golem, with a chain tying it to the ship.
  • This is where it gets weird…The servants of the Mind Flayers then “come down this chain and “exit” the golem.
  • I have heard that the servants of the Mind Flayers are Orcs. I have also heard that these orcs have had their spirits bottled, so that when they die, their masters don’t have to train all new forces.
  • Some of these servants were also wearing glowing collars and I am not entirely certain how people knew to do this, but they collected these glowing necklaces and put them on or near the Golem and made it possible to affect the Golem.
  • I also recall something about the Mind Flayers being able to see through the eyes of their servants, and by putting an eye patch on one of them some information was gained. Again I am not certain what the info was.

Our conversation with the Emissary of the Thorn Dragon…
We agreed to take a meeting with this Emissary and hear what she had to say. I am not sure what the specifics of the conversation were, because Emerald did most of the talking.

I do however clearly recall a Ninja in the service of the Black Lotus, who made two runs at her, causing her harm with some kind of poison. His third attempt was averted by Vastin cutting him off and running him in the arms of Ehawk and some of our other friends who were working the shadows.

Kicking in the door to the Necropolis and rescuing Arracor or and then we won the game…
The Black Wind said that he was going sneak us into the Necropolis. After scouting the area, he came back at night and told us that the he was spotted, but he thought that the Emissary of the Thorn Dragon could get us in through another door. We agreed to go with her once we had rounded up enough people to go with us. Everyone invited was told quite frankly, ‘We are going to rescue our Commander from the Necropolis, this is very likely a one way trip are you interested?’

The Emissary lead us to the door, it opened and we saw a room full of Death Knights…just like bad guys from back home. We fought our way in and verified that Arracor was there and he needed to be freed from the magical shackles placed on him. Below is the results of the conversation we had with him after the rescue:

  • One of the first things he said was, “The bargain with The Black was a mistake.”
  • He said that he had been in this world a lot longer than the rest of us.
  • He says that he can “sense” other members of the Dragon Guard, through our bond.
  • We can contact him through dreams.
  • He has the come by the skill to travel using the Mirror Ways.
  • He told us that the link that the dragons can sense is not the bargain with The Black, it is our connection to Arracor and our connection to the lands that several of us used to serve as Nobles. “The ties to the land stay with us and if the dragons get them it would be bad.” He must stay on the move because if he stays in one place to long his bond to the land will take root in that place and he would then become a part of that Noble structure. He doesn’t know exactly what that would mean and how that would affect him.
  • He said that if something happened to us, it would not cause him harm however if something happened to him, the shit will roll down hill.
  • Finally, he told us to stay in this town by the Mirror Gates and collect what other members of the Dragon Guard come through.


No information, Archer was the only member of the team present.



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